50th Reunion



 Our 50th reunion was a great success! We had almost 80 classmates come from all over the US,  and over 120 people total attending at least one of our events, which included spouses, significant others, friends, and DCHS alumni from other years. Everyone agreed, this was the best reunion they have attended for any school, anytime!

This was so much fun, we may want to do it again in 5 years. For now, be sure and keep your contact information current on our website at DCHS1963.com, so we will be able to keep in touch with all of you. Don't forget to upload all of your photos you took at the reunion up to our website. There are special photo galleries  for each of the reunion events under the "Class of '63 Photos" link on the left top of the front page of our website.

Uploading Your Photos

To put your photos on our website, you will first need to get all your photos stored into one or more folders on your laptop or desktop computer. You can't upload photos to our site from your smartphone or tablet, because the upload process uses Adobe Flash, which doesn't run on most smartphones or tablets.

Personal Photos

If you have personal or family photos, new or old, you may want to upload those to your personal profile on our website. Once you have your personal photos on your computer, go to our website at DCHS1963.com and click on the "Edit/Upload Photos" in the left navigation bar on the front page.  Your "Master Photo" is the main photo of you. Just click on the "Upload New Photo" button to upload the photos. You can put captions on the photos, and set the  order of presentation if you like. Remember, you will need to have the photos that you want to upload on your computer somewhere where you can find them, during the upload process. Don't be afraid to show off your family! Your profile photos will only be visible to other classmates who have registered on the website.

To write stories about your high school days, or add other text to your profile, click on "Edit Profile" in the left bar.

Reunion and other Photos

If you took photos at out reunion, you should put them in our class photo gallery instead of your personal profile.  Once you have your photos on your computer, go to our website at DCHS1963.com and click on the "Class of '63 Photos" link. You will see a group of photo galleries where you can upload your pictures. A couple of the galleries are locked, but you can upload your pictures to these galleries:

* Historical Class Photos
* Reunion Golf Photos
* Reunion CowTown Photos
* Reunion Country Club Dinner
* Reunion Memorial Photos

The Historical Photo gallery is for any old photos you have of the goings on at DCHS or in Dodge City while we were in school there. The other galleries are for the photos you took at the various reunion events.

To upload your photos,  Click on the gallery that you want to put your photos in. Once you are in a specific gallery, you will see a button that says "Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here". Clicking that button will create your personal group of photos inside any of the main galleries which will be attributed to you. In that way, everyone will know who took that group of photos.

Now click on the "Add Photos" button to start the upload process. Then click on the "Browse" button to find the photos on your computer. Once you have browsed to, and opened your folder of photos, select all the photos you want to upload to your personal gallery. You can sellect all the photos in the folder using the "Control + A" key combination, or hold the Shift key down while clicking on the photos you want to upload. Once you have all the photos selected, click on the "Save " button, to start the upload process to our website.

Once the photos are uploaded, you can put captions on them and even edit them. Don't forget to click the "Save Changes" button when you have finished uploading and editing all your photos. Then your photos will be posted on our website for everyone to see!

Let's keep in touch!

The Reunion Commitee

Jim Hemphill, jhemphil@quixnet.net; Sydney Horton Sauer, sydneylu@comcast.net; Sandy Morrow Sanders, sssanders@cox.net; Nicki Mayrath Soice,  nsoice@cox.net; Dana Williams Kline, dkline531@yahoo.com; Marilyn Leonard Antrim, mleonard1050@comcast.net; Sue Elwell Riegel, MRiegel@aol.com; Joe Rodriguez, jrodriguez6@cox.net; Charles and Susan Smyres Lowe, lw-ssn@yahoo.com; Alan George, al.v.george@gmail.com; Skip Cave, skip@caveconsulting.com; and Bill and Corky Slattery, 2101 Fairway Drive, Dodge City, KS 67801.